Cool Cannabis Careers: Antuanette Gomez, The Young Entrepreneur At The Intersection Of Weed And Sexual Health

Following the publication of the last issue of Cool Cannabis Careersfeaturing LGBTQAI+ marijuana icon and performance artist Laganja Estranja, a Twitter user shared it mentioning the story combined her two favorite things: cannabis and drag.

While cannabis and drag are certainly both very popular, one can safely assume one is more popular than the other. However, one can undoubtedly not say the same about cannabis and sex, the favorite combination of millions of people.

Antuanette Gomez, aged 24, sits at the intersection of this perfect combination. Beyond her cannabis business consultancy, Antuanette is CEO and founder of Pleasure Peaks, self-defined as “a cannabis women’s sexual health company. Made by women, for women.” Today, she’s the main subject of Cool Cannabis Careers.

Cannabis And Conscious Healing

Antuanette began her journey into plant medicine as a holistic nutritionist. Her professional practice made her aware of the healing potential of cannabis.

“When I began learning about cannabis, I realized Health Canada had already been using cannabis as a medical treatment for over 20 years,” she said during a recent conversation. “I became increasingly curious about how plants, and cannabis in particular, could be combined with other modalities to treat chronic pain – as a result of my work in a chronic pain clinic.”

While working at a chronic pain clinic, it became clear to Antuanette that many patients struggled to make their own decisions related to their health. Frustrated, she looked for solutions and delved deeper into the issues surrounding the health system.

“Cannabis wasn’t accessible to them and they had no way to fight for it because they were already trying to stay afloat,” she explained.

It was at that clinic where she was introduced to the concept of “quality of life.”

Through working with patients that struggled with chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases and various forms of cancer – as well as veterans suffering from physical and mental injuries, clinic began to examine the healthcare system and take inventory of what was helping and what wasn’t.

Cannabis was an ubiquitous answer for many. 

“I saw from experience the positive impact it had on patients that were able to access that type of care.”

‘Suffering In Silence’

The more Antuanette learned about chronic pain, the more she became (painfully) aware of the amount of women who suffered from sex-related discomfort and aches.

“What also became evident was how common the experience of sexual pain was for women, and how limited the resources are to treat it,” Antuanette disclosed. “Women have been suffering in silence for too long due to the stigma surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure.”

It quickly became clear to her that there was a huge gap in the market for medical products to help women manage sexual pain. And so, she made it a personal mission to fill that void.

“It takes a certain type of courage to advocate for women’s sexual health within the context of the cannabis industry but I’m determined to see how far I can go.”

Nowadays, Antuanette women’s sexual health brand, Pleasure Peaks, offers mentorship and consultation services to companies who want to join her on the mission.

While using cannabis herself, Antuanette had experienced its healing benefits. “I couldn’t imagine keeping that to myself,” she said, when prompted about the origin of Pleasure Peaks. It was a passion that took over anything else.”

Pleasure Peaks’ mission is to provide women with easier access to high-quality natural products that have their health and interest at heart.

“While many companies advocate vocally for women, most don’t actually put the effort into creating products that are well-researched or made with natural ingredients. Women deserve to have better education about their bodies, sexual health and pleasure. The gap isn’t just in the products, it’s in what women know about those products. We’re fixing that.”

Orgasmic Experiences

How do cannabis and sex work together?

There are innumerable ways that cannabis can be used to improve sexual health and pleasure among women, Antuanette explained.

Cannabis also helps to relax vaginal muscles to make it easier for women to achieve orgasm, she continued. “It can help with sexual anxiety, especially when smoked or inhaled with a vape.”

“To start, cannabis is a vasodilator for women – like Viagra is for men.

“Cannabis can be used topically to achieve similar effects, like increased blood flow to the genitals and greater sensitivity, and these benefits are unique to women.”

Cannabis also helps to ease menstrual pain and general vaginal discomfort, and even helps manage pain from Endometriosis.

“Perhaps most profound, cannabis can assist with the complex forms of pain inflicted upon survivors of rape. We have developed 16 different products to help ease these types of pain at Pleasure Peaks.”

A Career In Cannabis And Sex

Finally, Antuanette shared some advice for other people seeking to make a living off the intersection of cannabis and sex.

“Cannabis and sex is a space that is new and recently regulated, so it can be a bumpy road for entrepreneurs. Plus, the taboo nature of the industry makes our marketplace a unique landscape to navigate.”

Thus, her best advice is: be creative and explore the possibilities.

“We’re in uncharted territory, which can be great for innovative minds. Cannabis and sex entrepreneurs can expect a lot of abrupt changes and stigma but the ROI is well worth the effort.”

By : Javier Hasse

Cool Cannabis Careers: Antuanette Gomez, The Young Entrepreneur At The Intersection Of Weed And Sexual Health

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